The International School of Falconry Las Colinas provides a groundbreaking and unique opportunity in Spain to introduce clients and visitors to the extraordinary and ancient art of falconry, which has been proclaimed a Living Human Heritage.

You don’t have to be an expert or even an enthusiast. Anyone who wishes to take part can enjoy the experience of flying a Harris hawk, a species known for its sociable nature, for the first time, or other birds of prey at the school.

You can enjoy the experience individually, as a couple or as a family. You learn how to fly one or more birds of prey from the school during a walk through beautiful Mediterranean woodland.

On the 60-minute route, one of our specialised instructors accompanies you and provides the necessary guidance. You can relish very special moments on the walk, such as the thrill of carrying a hawk perched on your gauntlet or seeing the bird obey your call and fly straight back to your fist.

The school is run by a team of professionals, who are experts in rearing, training and handling birds of prey.

They look after a variety of birds including hawks, falcons, owls and goshawks, which are trained by our falconers and are accustomed to interacting regularly with people.